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Gammal novell jag skrev till engelska a, lämna en kommentar om vad ni tycker (: Var snälla x3 It was cold the night they first met. The snow had been falling for days and it didn’t seem to stop. He had never seen her before. But they had some form of connection, all from the start. That cold white night their life spans crossed. It was late, Sakito and his best friend Niya had bin playing games at the arcade since school ended for the day. Now the clock was nearly six and it was really dark outside. Sakito had to take the train to get home and since Niya lived on the way to the train station he followed him. When they got to the park they had to separate. They hugged each other and Sakito walked into the park. The ground was really frozen and white and at some places there was even ice. The cherry threes were grey and had an expression of death. Sakito looked at them as he was walking down the long path with the threes surrounding him. They were somehow beautiful despite they’re grey shapes. Walking in his own thought he suddenly heard a whisper. He really wasn’t sure of what he heard but he stopped and looked around. He was after all a very curious boy. As he stood there he suddenly heard it again, the whisper came from behind him. He turned slowly around, and there he found a girl. Probably about his age, sixteen or seventeen years old. She had long blond hair which Sakito assumed was bleached. She was a bit shorter than him, he guessed about 1.70. She had a pretty and round face with a little mouth. And her body was pretty thin of what he could see threw the white coat and her legs. She was wearing a white and light pink dress that was showing her legs under the knees, the coat was just showing a bit of the dress but it was enough for Sakito to recognize it as a Lolita dress. She was the opposite of Sakito who had a very thin face with marked cheek bones and a narrow but long mouth. His hair was black with a bleached lock in the fringe. It was under the ears but not really to his shoulders and it was thorny in the ends. He had also a really thin body many people had said to him that he looked sick, like someone with anorexia. But he did eat a lot at school, mostly to prove them wrong. But what they didn’t know was he once had bulimia, and without Niya he wouldn’t had made it through. His clothes were not like hers either, he was wearing black jeans that were a bit too big, and a grey sweater that was also too big. Over that he had a black coat which he really liked. He stared at the girl who stared right back into his eyes. Suddenly she started to walk, right forward to him. He didn’t know what to do so he just stood there, hypnotised by her brown eyes. When she was ten centimetres from his face she stopped, breathed in his smell trough her nose and said almost inaudible; hi. Sakito just stood there for several seconds that felt like hours, when he finally came back to his own body and said silently; hi. After that they just stood there and looked at each other. Sakito felt this great connection to this girl, like he had known her his whole life. Suddenly she jumped backwards two steps, smiled and said; - Sooo, what’s your name? - Eeehm, I’m Sakito, but they call me Saki. And you? he smiled a bit insecure. - Oh, I like that name, it’s pretty. I’m Mitsuki, she giggled. Sakito had never heard such a cute giggle in his life, it was like a child’s giggle. - Oh thanks, your name is very petty too, he smiled. - Come I want to show you something, Mitsuki took his hand in her small hand and pulled him with her in between the threes. He didn’t know where they were going but somehow he trusted her. After walking just a little bit they came to some bushes were they stopped. Mitsuki pulled away the bushes so they could get through and pulled Sakito with her. Behind the bushes there was a pretty big and round spot with what he assumed was grass, he couldn’t see for sure because it was snowing and it was white everywhere. Mitsuki walked into the middle of the circle and laid down. At first Sakito just stood there and stared at her, how could she just lay there in the snow with only a dress and a coat? But after a moments thinking he also went over to her and laid down on the soft snow. At first he was really freezing, but after laying there beside her he suddenly forgot that it was cold outside. That had never happened to him before and it was strange. Strange that just by laying beside a person without even talking would feel so good inside. - I like the stars, Mitsuki suddenly whispered. They’re so pretty. - Yeah they really are. Oh look there’s a falling star! Sakito exclaimed. I’ve never seen a falling star before. Mitsuki turned around facing him and looked really surprised. - Are you serious?! Have you really never ever seen a falling star before? She looked like he had said something totally unbelievable, like he had seen an atom bomb explode and survived. Sakito wasn’t a person who normally lied down in the park when it was dark and freezing outside. - You know I live in the city, there are too many lights to see any stars. And I never go to the park and just look at the stars, he tried to excuse himself. - You know? I feel a special connection to you, Mitsuki suddenly said while turning her head up against the stars again. I felt it right away when I saw you. That’s why I tried too talk too you. Sakito had never heard somebody be so honest the first time they ever met. - I feel the same way actually, and it feels strange because it’s the first time I feel this way, he said with his eyes fixed to the sky. I wish we could lie like this forever, just us two. But sadly that’s impossible, he sighed. - Nothings impossible, it just depends on how much you want it, Mitsuki smiled. - But the night is going to turn to day, he whispered. - Then just do as I do, look up at the sky. And remember that I see what you see, she whispered. The same bright sun, the same blue moon and the same sad stars. You know I have some big worries, but compared to the sorrows of the stars, like a wind, it’s only a small thing I think. - Yeah that’s also a way to put it, Sakito said quietly and got up on his feet. Mitsuki also got up and placed herself in position facing Sakito. - I really need to go now, it’s really late, he said sadly. - I will always be with you, remember me when you see a star fall, Mitsuki said and kissed Sakito on the lips. It was a delicate but long kiss. Then she walked away, as sudden as she had appeared she was now gone. Left was he, with only a memory and a sweet kiss on his lips. The blue light of the laughing moon gently sutures your wounds It's a flame of sadness Embracing even the sorrows that fall on you Life is going on Just keep on walking till you wither Stay free my misery Hideto Matsumoto 1964-1998 Copyright, All rights reserved by Mischa Markusson

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